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Our Approach
Our approach at AppFlurry is to first understand what our clients goals and needs are. In other words, you talk, we listen. Before we even engage with a client, we'll assess whether our company is a good fit for your project. Chances are we'll have the expertise that aligns with your vision, but if not, we'll let you know upfront.
Assuming we're a good match, we'll take a deep dive into your project requirements, and make sure we understand exactly what is desired. During this stage, it will be critical to have your involvement. We'll work together to draft a thorough requirements document (if you don't already have one). Following this collaborative process, we'll provide you with a proposal and price quote to complete the project. We guarantee our price quotes, so you can rest assured that you won't be nickeled and dimed later. At no time during this interaction will you be faced with any annoying high pressure sales tactics. We're confident in the results we deliver, and also believe our prices to be very competitive, so we'll let you to decide whether our proposal matches up with your needs and budget.
Before any programming occurs, we first need to determine what the real product will eventually look like, and how it will work. During the design phase we'll work on mockups, layouts, and/or prototypes, and flush out any remaining functionality questions. This is an iterative process, by which we'll begin sharing our interpretation of your vision. You'll be actively involved in guiding the direction of the design to ensure the final product matches your expectations. As we present you with design ideas, we seek your feedback to make sure the path we're headed down is to your liking. If it's not, we quickly change course and provide new design ideas until we get it right. This stage is especially exciting for our clients because it's where you start to see the project take shape.
After the product has been fully tested, and you've given your stamp of approval, it's time to deploy it to production. If you have a new website, we can offer suggestions and recommendations for hosting providers, and can even help you secure your domain name. If we're simply making changes to an existing website, we can move the changes over to your chosen hosting company. For mobile applications, we can help you get your new app into the iTunes app store (iOS) or the Android Market. Bottom line: We can be as involved as you want us to be at this final stage.
Once we're aligned on the design, the actual coding of the product begins. At this stage, our developers take the design concepts and bring them to life. Our programmers leverage the very latest technology to build high quality products that meet your specifications. As features are completed, a dedicated QA team will perform testing to make sure everything is working as intended. Following QA, we then turn it over to our clients for acceptance testing. This is your opportunity to verify that what's been developed matches your requirements.
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